Impact Resistant Shingles

Close up of hail on roof.

Impact Resistant Shingles Installation

Are you looking for shingles that add more in protective features and durability? When you want protection from the harsh impacts of the elements then you’ll want an upgraded roofing material. If you are interested in a impact resistant shingles installation in Kerrville, TX, call Cypress Roofing. Shingles are considered impact resistant after testing their reactions to steel balls that are
1 1/4” to 2” in size. These steel balls are then dropped at heights of 12 to 20 feet to mimic hail impact at high speeds in real time. Different ratings are then given based on the durability and resistance against impact. When you want to give impact resistant shingles a try give us a call at 830-955-5075!

How Impact Resistant Shingles Work

Impact resistant shingles are considered class 4 products that are able to offer protection against high winds and hail damage. They can be made of resin, aluminum, plastic, and copper. UL 2218 is the highest impact resistant rating and the roofing industry standard for testing shingles against impact from hail. Here are some ways hail can damage your roof.

  • Dented Roofing Materials
    • Flashing, Fascia, Shingles
  • Perforated Shingles
  • Broken Shingles
  • Algae or Moss Growth
  • Blown Off Shingles
  • Chipped Roof Coatings
  • Curling Shingles

When your roofing materials have inflicted too many damages from storms call our roofing contractors for roof inspections, repairs or impact resistant shingles installation in Kerrville, TX.

Call Us For Impact Resistant Shingle Services

We’ve been serving customers since 1991 to help them find the right residential roof for their property. We want to provide attractive qualities in design while providing ample protection against the outside influences. You can rely on Cypress Roofing as the roofing company to go to when you need services for your impact resistant shingles installation in Kerrville, TX. We’re always ready to give a helping hand and answer any questions that you have. We’ll be sure to provide you with various options that will provide the best protection for your roof against inclement weather and other impacts. Call us today at 830-955-5075 so we can take a look at your schedule and find a day and time that’s most convenient for your appointment!