Roof Hail Damage Repairs

Close up of roof shingle with hail and rain falling on it.

Protect Your Roof From Hail

Inclement weather can be very powerful for home systems that don’t have proper roofing systems. Hail damage in particular can impact your roof and cause damages that may require roof repair or replacements. When it comes to choosing the right roofing material for your residential home, choose options that are durable, have protective features and are able to last long. With hail damage you’ll have a variety of factors that can impact the roof of your home in different levels of severity. If you’re interested in roof hail damage repair in Kerrville, TX, call Cypress Roofing! To make an appointment with our roofers, call us at 830-955-5075!

Types of Roof Hail Damage Repair

Depending on your roofing material and the region where you live we may recommend a few alternatives in order to reduce any future damages from inclement weather. We have a variety of roofing materials that are strong enough to resist future hail impact. Before repairs, we’ll be sure to discuss options with property owners as far as budget and what will logistically work with your roof. Here are some roofing materials that are known to hold up particularly well with hail.

If you’d like to find out more options in roofing materials that can protect your home against hail, contact us today to set up a time for roof hail damage repair in Kerrville, TX.

The Impact of Hail

There are many factors within a hail storm that can affect the degree of damage inflicted on your property. Take into consideration that wind will often play a powerful role in a hail storm based on their variable speeds. Wind alone at high mph can blow off shingles or cause debris to fly and hit roofing materials. Varying wind speeds, in turn, affect the direction of wind flow as it is not often uniform. With hail and wind combined, you have hailstones impacting your roof at speeds which increase the force of the impact of a roofing system. Another thing to consider is the size and density of the hailstone which can range from being as tiny as a pea to as big as a grapefruit. Contrary to popular belief, hailstones don’t often have smooth edges nor are perfectly round which can be very detrimental to home systems. Additionally, the type of building materials that you have can absorb hail impact differently. The age and condition of your roof can also affect the resistance to damages on different scales. With asphalt or aluminum materials, you may see some dings appear from hail. With wood shakes and vinyl siding, you’re more likely to see the formation of cracks. Yet with large hailstones the size of softballs, you’ll have density’s strong enough to puncture a roof! To learn more about roof hail damage repair in Kerrville, TX, call us today!

Clay roofing materials are cracked by hail damage which are lying in between the roofing material.

When You Need Roof Hail Damage Repair

Call Us For Roof Hail Damage Repair

If you’re noticing perforated, dented, broken or chipped roofing material it could be that a hail storm has aggravated your roofing system. In situations where you’ll need roof replacements of repairs consider impact resistant shingles which hold different ratings based on resistance to certain sizes of hailstones. These types of shingles have been tested with different sizes and wind speeds for optimal hail protection! For roof hail damage repair in Kerrville, TX you can count on Cypress Roofing for quality roof measures. We’ll make sure that installations and repairs are done right so you won’t have future troubles when inclement weather impacts your roof again. Our roofing contractors are skilled in technical construction and will make quality repairs whatever the range of damages are. Call us today at 830-955-5075 to schedule an appointment for your residential roof. We’ll be happy to work with you for an improved roofing system!