Roof Insurance Claims

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Roof Insurance Claims

If you’ve sustained roof storm damages and need assistance in connecting with your insurance company for solutions then we’re ready to help and have years of experience to assist you! There can be many instances where certain conditions of your insurance policy need to be met in order to get costs covered, rest assured that in general situations where inclement weather is involved you can expect to get the help that you require! For help with your roof insurance claim in Kerrville, TX, call us here at Cypress Roofing at830-955-5075!

Get The Coverage You Deserve

Homeowners insurance will typically accept certain jobs depending on the policy that you hold. An all perils policy, for example, will cover severe weather damages as they are considered acts of nature when you make a roof storm damage claim. In general, you can expect assistance with roof replacements or repairs with cases where inclement weather is involved as these are situations beyond your control. You can expect your home insurance to cover roof hail damages, roof wind damages and certain cases of roof leaks. With roof leaks, your homeowners’ insurance may cover it if it either was caused by a peril that’s covered in your policy or if the damage was sudden and swift. In general, if either something has accumulated over the years or if your roof is a certain older age you may not be covered. Once you file roof insurance claim your insurance may require certain things or steps in order to support your claim, namely:

  • connecting with a qualified roofing contractor/company
  • having a roof inspection done by a professional
  • getting an estimate/quote of repairs or replacements
  • having photos of the damaged areas

Navigating through insurance policies can be tricky, when you need assistance with your roof damage claim in Kerrville, TX we’re here to help!

Call Us For Help With Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Cypress Roofing is experienced in working with insurance companies to see what can be done for various roof damage scenarios. We’ll be able to assist you in procuring all of the information needed for your roof insurance claim so repairs and replacements can be done in as swift a manner as possible. We’re the roofing contractor that you can trust for your roof insurance claim in Kerrville, TX. Call us today at 830-955-5075 so we can start the process of roof repairs today!