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A leaking roof can occur at inopportune times and depending on the severity of the leak can cause interior and exterior damages. It’s important to realize that a small leak can become aggravated through time by external influences such as flying debris, torn flashing or rainwater with storms so it’s important to schedule roof leak repairs at the time that they come occur instead of putting repairs off. Smaller roof leaks will only require minimal repairs while a waterlogged roof could call for more extensive solutions like with roofing replacements. In order to make the most cost-effective repairs for your residential home or commercial building have your roof leak repair in Kerrville, TX done by a trusted professional. Cypress Roofing is a trusted roofing company that has been around for more than 25 years and has the proper skills and know how for any of your roofing problems. To schedule an appointment call our office today at 830-955-5075!

Signs of a Leaking Roof

When your home or business is having a leaking roof it can be difficult to find. Water travels and snakes through buildings often in paths that aren’t directly tied to the origin of a roof leak, but there are signs that can clue you in on the location of the leak so roof leak repairs can be made. When you call a professional you’ll be able to have proper roof inspections conducted so roof leak repairs can be localized to the relevant areas of the roof. Keep an eye on the interior and exterior of your property so you can catch leaks fast!

  • water stains on ceiling or roof
  • waterlogged beams in the attic
  • dripping water from walls or ceiling
  • missing flashing on the roof
  • shingles have blown off
  • loosened roofing materials
  • cracks or punctures on the roof

To learn more about the signs of roof leaks call us for roof leak repair in Kerrville, TX. Our trained professionals will be able to conduct repairs and investigate your property so your safety from venturing a slippery roof isn’t put at risk!

Types of Roof Leak Repair Solutions

With Cypress Roofing roof leak repair in Kerrville, TX you can expect several options that can remedy water damages on your roof and prevent future ones from occurring! If you have a commercial roof you can opt for commercial roof coatings which will act as seals and even repair minor types of leaks! A roof coating will also have moisture resisting abilities so you can avoid another leak from happening in the future! Residential roofing offers a variety of roofing materials that can aid in protecting against roof storm damages which are often a factor in creating the need for roof leak repairs. With more durable roofing materials like with metal roofing or impact resistant shingles, you can avoid damages from occurring in the first place!

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Roof leak repair in Kerrville, TX can be made with relative ease when you trust the experts here at Cypress Roofing! Our trained professionals will be happy to discuss roof repair options with you be it through roof replacements or repairs! With over 25 years worth experiences you can expect a job well done with attention to detail and expert craftsmanship! Dial 830-955-5075 to get in touch with a roofing contractor about scheduling an appointment.