Commercial Roof Coatings

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Commercial Roof Coatings

When you want that extra layer of support and protection for your flat roof or commercial roof than consider a commercial roof coating. Not only are commercial roof coatings able to protect your roof from scrapes or punctures from debris, they can seal away moisture and prevent leaks from occurring. They are an excellent additional protection from the sun and the damages that come with inclement weather which can prematurely age your commercial roof. If you’re wanting more longevity to your roof with better integrity and durability then get a commercial roof coating in Kerrville, TX! Cypress Roofing will be able to assist you in the logistical details of your building to see how it would react and perform with different types of commercial roof coatings. Call 830-955-5075 now to find out how a commercial roof coating will benefit your commercial business!

Benefits of Roof Coatings

In general, roof coatings can extend the life of your commercial roof and offer protection much like a second skin, protective seal or film. Roof coating applications can be applied to numerous types of roofing materials such as EPDM, modified bitumen, PVC roofing and more! The commercial roof coatings often only require one layer to be sufficient with protection yet with some materials you may be able to add more. Other factors can also include the nature of the roofing project as well as the abilities of the roof coating manufacturer. Ultimately, there are many different types of roof coatings out there that are meant to comply to and work with certain types of roofing materials, yet they all offer similar benefits that can be great for the integrity of your commercial building. Such benefits can include:

  • resisting the growth of mildew and fungi
  • extending the longevity of your roof
  • reflecting the sun’s rays
  • cooling building temperatures
  • lowering monthly cooling costs
  • UV protection

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Consider Different Types of Roof Coatings

When you’re looking for a commercial roof coating take a look into the different types of roof coatings and how their components can influence the protection of a roof. Take for instance the base of the coating which can react to with certain roofing materials alternately. With a silicone roof coating, you will have a non-water based solvent which will cure more effectively in wetter areas. Although this may be a benefit in some regards, you will have to keep in mind that there will be stronger odors until they dry and will be more flammable than other commercial roof coating options. You will also have to make sure to keep up with cleaning this type of roof coating as they can lose their reflectivity benefits if covered with dirt, foliage, and debris. They can also be prone to chipping or cracking if not properly maintained. Other than that silicone roof coatings are known for their effective power against water infiltration if that is your concern. With acrylic roof coatings, you’ll have a water-based roof coating option that will provide the benefits of being more flexible and therefore easier to work with. They will be able to stay white and if they do need to be cleaned are easier to handle. If you have tar roof, they will be a better option to choose as the tar won’t bleed through and discolor the roof as is seen with other types of roofing materials. Acrylic roof coatings have a higher life span due to their higher elongation abilities and are more durable than other options due to their resistance to thermal shock. If you are looking for a roof coating that is more environmentally friendly then consider this option as they are also less toxic. Finally, acrylic roof coatings have the added benefit of being able to be used both alone or along with other roofing fabrics.

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