Modified Bitumen Roof Repair & Installation

Roofer worker painting bitumen praimer at concrete surface by the roller brush Waterproofing 2018

Modified Bitumen Services

Modified bitumen roofing is different from and an alternative choice to single ply roofing. It’s an ideal choice for low slope buildings and is often referred to as modern built-up roofing using the traditional tar and gravel roofing material. It’s often thought of as similar to an EPDM rubber roofs yet modified bitumen is different as it’s not made of recycled rubber but instead made up of asphalt. These types of roofs are known to hold up well from outside influences and can last 20 years or more! If you’re interested in modified bitumen roofing in Kerrville, TX, call Cypress Roofing. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have at 830-955-5075!

Benefits of Modified Bitumen Installation

Modified bitumen roofing can come in either SBS or APP options which will essentially affect the method of application. SBS stands for styrene-butadiene-styrene while APP stands for atactic polypropylene. With SBS mod-bit membranes you can either apply them with hot-mopping, torch or cold-applied adhesives. With APP mod-bit membranes a torch application is the method to use. Yet no matter how the roofing material is applied the seams are more often than not melted together which is what helps it stop leaks. This is an advantage that can be seen with modified bitumen roofing as other types of roofing usually have the seams left open or covered with a material that ultimately weakens over time. Seamless options are therefore more advantageous in the long run of a roof’s life.

  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Flexible
  • Energy efficient
  • Waterproof
  • Tearproof
  • Protects against wind, fire, hail
  • High-tensile strength (less/no cracks)

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Rolls of Modified Bitumen Roofing Material

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